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Access all your Outlook features anywhere you have the Internet.

Information is synched wirelessly in real-time to your Windows Mobile device, iPhone, Palm or Blackberry!

Enlightek’s Hosted Exchange provides “anywhere” access to all these features for $10/mo/mailbox:

  • E-mail
  • Appointment Requests
  • Personal Calendar
  • Integrated Anti-spam, Anti-virus
  • Shared Calendar
  • Server-based – Your Outlook data is backed up daily
  • Personal Contacts
  • Optional Email Archiving
  • Shared Contacts
  • SharePoint Included

Seamless Organization

Exchange keeps your home computer, work computer, and smartphone perfectly synchronized so that you see the SAME exact Outlook data on each one. Using the browser based Outlook Web Access allows you to access all of the various features, calendars, tasks, email, and contacts, anywhere you have a web browser and an Internet connection.

Seamless Collaboration

Changes are synced wirelessly in real-time to your Windows Mobile device, iPhone, Palm or Blackberry! No more emailing contacts to employees or getting bogged down with scheduling conflicts. Exchange lets you share Outlook data amongst employees. Give your assistant access to your Calendar and Inbox, create a shared Calendar for all employees to access to keep track of vacations and company events, create shared task lists and more! task lists and more!

Say NO! to POP3

“Post Office Protocol version 3” as it’s known, is unfortunately a typical way in which many companies access their e-mail.

Using an application such as Outlook Express® or Eudora®, e-mail is downloaded from your ISP’s server and is accessible only from that one machine. You have no ability to access your information easily, and you certainly have no way to effectively share data with others. POP3 should typically be reserved for home-based e-mail, and even then it’s not really desirable. Our Hosted Exchange Services give small businesses an alternative to POP-3 e-mail.


Hosted Sharepoint

For enhanced collaboration, combine SharePoint with our Hosted Exchange service to:

  • Allow collaboration with employees, outside vendors and partners through Web interface
  • Automatically receive e-mail alerts when your SharePoint site is changed/expanded
  • Document control allows user to ‘check out’ files to change and version them to track changes
  • Synchronize content with Outlook

Email Archiving

$15/month for an Unlimited Exchange Mailbox with Archiving:

With enlightek Email Archiving you’ll be able to:

  • Find archived emails quickly and easily in Outlook
  • Access your email archives from anywhere
  • Avoid system performance slowdowns and corruption issues
  • Make your auditors happy – enlightek Email Archiving is Sarbanes Oxley Compliant

It’s Easy! There is nothing to install or configure on your computer. The archive process pulls emails from your mailbox into the archive database quietly and seamlessly. Outlook does not need to be open or online during the archive. You can then see the archived messages as usual in Outlook, but the content of those messages has been replaced with a link to the archive server.

Why Archive?

For starters, you should know that it’s not good practice to let a mailbox grow in size indefinitely . You will eventually have performance or corruption issues in your Outlook. The solution, until now, has been to archive excess emails to a personal “PST” file on your local computer or burned to a CD. This is at best
inconvenient, and at worst, dangerous. PST files saved to your hard drive can be lost due to hardware failure, and can make searching for emails more difficult. CDs or USB drives with PST files saved to them can be easily lost or stolen as well.