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Realtime Support - It Support Washington, DC

Get Realtime Support! United States

Enlightek knows and understands the technology needs of small business.

We’ll show you how to harness the power of technology to run your business efficiently and effectively. Whether it be implementing Microsoft Office products, advice on what type of computer or server to buy, designing or upgrading your network, managed services & support, network security, backup & disaster recovery or virus problems, we are ready to be of service to you.

  • Small Business Computer Support Washington DC

    Small Business IT Support

    Whether as-needed computer support or an IT staff is required, at a fraction of the cost, enlightek will ensure every employee’s computer need – large or small – is solved.

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  • Backup Computer Service Washington DC

    BRILLIANT! Backups®

    A client called having accidentally deleted the entire office’s timesheets for the month. Within 10 minutes we were able to remotely connect to their server and restore the folder from our data center. enlightek’s service saved their timesheets – and the employee’s job.

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  • System Sales & Installation Computer Service Washington DC

    System Sales & Installation

    Expert advice, expert installation, exceptional experience. A novelty? Not so!

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  • Network Security Computer Service Washington DC

    Network Security

    Our managed services agent can be installed on any computer, and will handle Windows Update patch management, antivirus and anti-spyware. Renewals are done automatically through a centralized console that can also alert us should your computer ever become infected.

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  • Anti Spam Internet Service DC

    No More Spam!

    For most small businesses, our solution is usually the most cost effective email solution. But if your companyis large enough to have its own in-house mail server and you find yourself getting pummeled by spam, then we have the solution.

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  • E-mail Archiving Computer Service Washington DC

    Email Archiving

    For starters, you should know that it’s not good practice to let a mailbox grow in size indefinitely . You will eventually have performance or corruption issues in your Outlook. The solution, until now, has been to archive excess emails to a personal “PST” file on your local computer or burned to a CD. This is at bestinconvenient, and at worst, dangerous. PST files saved to your hard drive can be lost due to hardware failure, and can make searching for emails more difficult. CDs or USB drives with PST files saved to them can be easily lost or stolen as well.

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