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Accidentally delete a file? Computer Crash? Virus?
Got BRILLIANT!Backups® ?

Daily file backups for office servers

Make BRILLIANT!Backups part of your business’s disaster recovery plan.
Off-site online backups are essential!

A client called having accidentally deleted the entire office’s timesheets for the month. Within 10 minutes we were able to remotely connect to their server and restore the folder from our data center. enlightek’s service saved their timesheets – and the employee’s job.

  • Accidentally delete or modify a file?
    With a few mouse clicks, gain access to your backups of that file and pick the version to restore to your computer!
  • Computer crash? Buy a new computer?
    Simply install the backup program on your new system, enter your encryption key, and pull your data over the Internet from our servers right onto your computer.
  • Get a virus on your system, or install software that made your system unstable?
    Use BRILLIANT!Backups to rollback to an earlier version of your computer’s “system state” to make your system stable again.

  • Tired of dealing with tape and CD backups?
    Removable media (including external hard drives) are vulnerable to theft from your home or office, and the data on them is NOT encrypted, giving anyone access to it. Plus, the backup media does you no good in the event of disaster unless it’s stored securely off-site in a costly vaulting facility should your home or business be damaged or destroyed.

    Fully-managed: We proactively monitor your backups for problems.

    Data Storage (compressed)**
    1GB $50.52/yr
    5GB $101.52/yr
    10GB $152.52/yr
    50GB $305.52/yr
    75GB $356.52/yr
    100GB $407.52/yr
    150GB $509.52/yr
    200GB $611.52/yr
    Proactive monitoring fee $199/yr
    *With 15% discount/yearly pre-pay pricing.
    **Compression rates of 40-70% are possible.

    Our free 30-day trial will give you an idea of how much space you will use on our servers.